This Summer I Want…


…for you to feel good!

You often hear that you should make the most of the summer. But how do you make the most of a time of year? There are a few months a year, every year, that are really lovely, objectively. Amazingly beautiful to live in with flowers and greenery. Then there are lots of cosy “obligatory” things, even though most of them are nice: Resting, barbecuing, spend time together, play, have fun, eat ice cream, swim, play games and all those things that go with summer and in the end maybe become some form of check list. Have I really done all those “summery” things now? And if you haven’t, does it count as a real summer anyway?

It does! Because it’s you who make your summer. If there’s something I want you to take with you when you go on summer holiday or just wake up on a sunny (or rainy) day, it’s that it’s you who decide what makes your season the Summer with a capital S and your summer to something good, and that’s what’s important. That you yourself have the right to define what makes you happy and strong. That is true in all aspects of life. So do what makes You happy and have a wonderful season!

/Victoria Teodorsson, Executive manager at RFSL Skaraborg